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A Message from our Potentate


Greetings Nobles!

Well, 2020 is FINALLY behind us and although we are not entirely in the clear yet we can see the light on the horizon as we prepare for having fun in ‘21!

My emphasis for this year will be to refocus the Shrine under a simple concept, a mantra of “Fun and Philanthropy”. The Shrine was established as the playground of Freemasonry and flourished under this idea of merriment and joy. This fellowship was later beautified immensely with the establishment of the World’s Greatest Philanthropy….The Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. With that inspiration in mind, every event held during my term will center on bringing back the fun all while rededicating our efforts to support the hospitals.

We have wasted no time in implementing this agenda. The temple has been cleaned, sanitized, and reorganized to give the facility a fresh look and instill the nobility with a sense of pride in our building. To this end, I’m pleased to announce several new events and programs for 2021. In association with the Brew Crew club, we have launched a monthly First Friday Happy Hour. In place of the labor-intensive breakfasts, we will be having monthly porchetta and roast beef luncheons complete with a drive-thru option. Our Superbowl pot luck party is always a hit and will continue this year, so bring your dolla bills!

We will also be hosting a table lodge this year in an effort to expand our connection to the blue lodges and demonstrate the type of fun that can be expected from the Shriners! All of these events will be held in accordance with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

I am most pleased, however, to announce the creation of the Pyramid Potentate’s Challenge to benefit the Springfield Hospital’s BFit program. I was inspired by a program implemented a few years ago in Maine, so simple in its design and execution, yet extremely effective at engaging nobles and raising funds for our philanthropy.

I will be giving out at least 50 piggy banks with an informational placard about the Pyramid Potentate’s Challenge program. I am requesting that each noble return the piggy bank by the December 2021 meeting with no less than $100 in it. This will equate to at least $5,000 in donations. The noble that raises the most money will have his 2022 temple dues waived! I encourage all nobles to participate in this program, because supporting the philanthropy should be the calling of every true Shriner.

Lastly, several members of the temple are planning to attend the 2021 Imperial session in Houston, July 4th – 8th.

The Pipes and Drums unit will be looking to defend their title as Imperial Champions and members of other units are planning to attend as well. This is an amazing annual event where you’re able to really see the magnificence and diversity of the members and units of Shriner’s Fraternity. Come to compete as an individual or as a unit, or just as a noble looking to experience all the fun.

I very much appreciate that you, the nobility, have put your trust in me to lead this outstanding organization. I’m receptive to new ideas and suggestions on how to maximize our potential, energize and engage the members, support the hospitals, and to create new nobles.


Fraternally yours,

Raymond Collette, Potentate

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